There is nothing ordinary about our pizzas – except perhaps for the prices!
A special flour made to our specifications is the start of an Amico Café pizza. The dough is created to an exact and secret recipe and then fastidiously made into identical dough balls which are then aged for two days.

The reason for this will become apparent when you take your first bite into one of our pizzas. We will never compromise on the use of top quality products for all our pizzas and the pizza you had today will be exactly the same as the pizza you will have next week, month or whenever.

Apart from our ample selection of well known staples like Napoletana, Meat Lovers, Vegetariana and Quattro Stagioni (to name just a few), we invite you to make your own selection from our large variety of fresh ingredients. If you prefer less cheese, more cheese, thicker crust or something taken off your choice – Just Ask!

Our dedication to providing the very best pizzas we can never rests…So, if for any reason you were not satisfied with your pizza PLEASE LET US KNOW. After all, if we know of a possible problem we can fix it.

Our motto is “If you loved our pizza – TELL EVERYONE  –   If you didn’t…Tell us!