Tino & Rosy

Costantino (Tino) Tonon and Rosy Stefan, arrived in Perth Western Australia in March of 2006  and opened GELATO AMICO in the Murray Street Mall – Opposite the underground railway station.
The Gelato produced from the downstairs “Laboratorio” was exceptional and quickly gained a strong following from visitors and locals alike – However it was Tinos on-site roasted coffee beans that was to produce an amazing
loyalty to the brand. Each morning hundreds of city workers would queue for their morning ‘fix’ of what was highly regarded as the best coffee in Perth city. When the lease expired on the city premises Tino and Rosy opted for a suburban outlet wherein they could carry on both a retail outlet incorporating their now famous Coffee and Gelato and a wholesale manufacturing plant for expanding their Gelato Amico products. The bonus was a lack of good Italian Pizzas in the Stirling area and so Amico Café & Pizzeria was born.
Opening night was frantic to say the least. With an anticipated trade of around 25 pizzas everyone went into overdrive as the demand continued to grow during the early evening to reach an incredible 85 pizzas on the opening night!
We invite you to come and try our superb thin crust Italian style Pizzas…our Brilliant artisan Gelato and a coffee that is to put it simply – The Best !